What I can do for you


Our landscaping is complete: arrange trees, shrubs, trimming, etc. To finish with extraordinary views over wide or narrow areas, from anywhere you see it.


The grass we install with its roots so it grows nicely.


Is extraordinarily green grass-covered that we keep mowed and always looking great .


The perfect wall-like enclosure around open areas with desired width/height.


Is made in a neatly and sophisticated way, by clipping and paring tasteful and artistically, gorgeous results!


We cut off the outer parts of plants to make them smooth, uniform and equal.


Annual plants, live only one season, so they must be constantly maintained and replanted. Get advantage of them…! We are happy doing it.


Perennial plants last indefinitely, live. More than two years, we keep them beautiful and exuberant.

Palm Trees

Since these are unbranched tropical trees they must be uniquely cleaned, beautified, and maintained… we have our own way to do it… you’ll be astonished!!!

Areas we serve

We serve Seminole orange counties and surrounding areas, where we are motivated keeping great gardens, trees, fences and landscapes. Our palm trees are treated and beautified, cleaned up, and they grow with an exuberantly green hue.

Do not hesitate to call us today and see what will happen in your garden immediately!