Aguila Land Care

From sod, rocks, mulch and a great variety of breathtaking colorful flowers we install drainage and irrigation hardscapes and lighting.

Whether commercial and homes properties are professionally distinguished by our dedicated good taste services that offer life’s simple pleasures for everyone visiting.

We can help with Lawn, trees, fence trimmings, you will be surprised by our unique palm trees cleaning, maintenance and beautifying system.

We are motivated to keeping your annuals and perennials following up their life cycles and replanting them continually so that you, your family, and visiting friends, enjoy to be surrounded by a well kept landscape by professionals who love their jobs.

We keep our costs down in all services provided:

  • Great landscaping by motivated workers
  • Spectacular own styles, using: pine bark / mulch / rocks in arranging artistic edgings.
  • Be surprised by our well-maintained and breathtaking gardens, colorful landscaping and flowers.
  • Attractive walkways with pavers, ribbon separations of turf.
  • Outdoor seating for family hosting parties.